Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance

To create momentum for your career and become a serious contender for management roles, you need to cultivate an advanced knowledge base and authoritative credentials. Our Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance delivers critical business and management skills that will help you accelerate your career.

Named one of the best universities in the Midwest by the Princeton Review, Lawrence Tech is committed to teaching through both theory and practice. Our professors are actively engaged in research and the business world— assuring the delivery of business curriculum that is fresh, current, and relevant.

Core Courses (27 credits):

ACC 6003 – Managerial Accounting

ECN 6023 – Global Business Economics

MBA 6003 – Financial Management

MBA 6033 – Corporate Finance

MBA 6043 – Global Leadership

MBA 6053 – Strategic Marketing Management

MBA 6063 – Operations and Supply Chain Management

INT 6043 – Enterprise Information Technology

MBA 6073 – Global Strategic Management (Capstone)

Concentration Courses (9 credit hours)

MBA 7003 – Investment Management

The purpose of the course is to introduce the student to modern developments in investment analysis and management. The course focuses on the impact of recent contributions to the theory of valuation of securities on the determination of the fundamental values of various securities and the role of these values in formulation of efficient and optimal investment strategies. The course also emphasizes the role of derivative securities in business and financial risk management.

MBA 7013 – Financial Markets and Institutions

Study of money and capital markets and institutions and their managerial and environmental problems, including regulation and supervision by the government. Topics include: financial environment, determination of interest rates and structure of interest rates, functions of the fed and monetary policy, .money and bond markets, bond valuations and mortgage markets, stock offerings and stock valuation, market microstructures and strategies, financial futures and options, swaps and foreign exchange, derivatives, commercial banks and bank regulation, bank management and performance, finance operations and securities operations.

MBA 7023 – International Finance

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the study of multinational financial management and investment decisions. Topics covered: international financial environment and markets, exchange rate determination, currency derivatives, international arbitrage and interest rate parity theory, relationships among inflation, interest rate and exchange rate, exchange rate risk management, multinational capital budgeting analysis, global capital structure analysis.