Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

A 100% Online Graduate Certificate

Better data leads to better decision-making.

GIS technology has practical applications in many industries, among them urban design. Employers are increasingly interested in the insights it can provide, relying on GIS data to drive organizational decisions. Earn LTU’s online GIS Certificate and take your place in this dynamic, in-demand specialty!

In this one-year program you’ll gain expert skills in visualization, mapping, spatial analysis, thematic diagrams, and other urban design-supportive GIS-based techniques – all from the comfort of your home or office.

Program Curriculum [15 credit hours]

GIS Certificate courses focus on theory, practice and applications in urban design. The program culminates in a real-world collaboration with an urban design firm, planning firm, community development association, or governmental agency.

Theory [5 credit hours]

ARC 5752 – Quantitative Methods in Urban Design

ARC 5813 – Visual Communication

Practice [8 credit hours]

ARC 5673 – Advanced GIS

ARC 5742 – Urban Design Methods

ARC 5823 – Simulation & Prototyping

Application [2 credit hours]

ARC 5672 – GIS Practicum