M.Arch Track II Program Curriculum

The M.Arch Track II is a 36 credit-hour program intended for students who have earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture or Bachelor of Architecture from LTU or another accredited institution. We welcome qualified students from other institutions who wish to complete their graduate studies and earn their accredited M.Arch degree at LTU. Below is a list of courses that make up the curriculum. A brief overview of each course can be found by clicking on individual course items.

If you do not have a Bachelor of Science in Architecture or a Bachelor of Architecture from an accredited institution, you may still qualify for our M.Arch Track III program.

Studios (12 credits):

Students are required to complete three graduate-level design or thesis courses. Those who are interested in preparing a thesis will be required to qualify; refer to the notes below regarding thesis guidelines.

ARC 5804 – Critical Practice Studio*

ARC 5814 or  ARC 6514 – Advanced Design Studio 1 or Thesis 1**

ARC 5824 or ARC 6514 – Advanced Design Studio 2 or Thesis 2**

Core Courses (15 credits):

Students are required to complete the following five courses for 15 credit hours.

ARC 5013 – Research Methods

ARC 5423 – Ecological Issues

ARC 5643 – Design Theory

ARC 5913 – Professional Practice

ARC 6833 – Practice Portfolio

Elective Seminars (choose a minimum of 6 credits in ARC and 3 credits non-ARC):

Students are required to take a minimum of 6 credits of ARC courses and 3 credits of non-ARC courses. Elective offerings include the classes listed below. Additional graduate-level electives may be found in the online registration system and in the course catalog.

ARC 5952 – Construction Management

ARC 5962 – Law for Architects

ARC 6912 – Practice Management

ARC 5942 – Project Management

MBA 6033 – Corporate Finance

MBA 6043 – Global Leadership

INT 6043 – Enterprise Information Technology

EME 6403 – Quality Control

EME 6713 – Technology Management

LLT 6013 – Literature of the Built Environment

SSC 6013 – Social Responsibility Community Action

Critical Practice Studio

Critical Practice Studio is a low-residency academic course, part of the required Master of Architecture curriculum at the College of Architecture and Design, Lawrence Technological University. The Critical Practice Studio course is offered during the summer semester at LTU’s Southfield campus over one week. For Summer Schedules, please visit the Critical Practice Studio website.

*Critical Practice Studio courses are not offered online.

** The Thesis is a two-semester sequence of courses that offers students an opportunity to formulate and investigate a hypothesis related to architecture, its practice, tectonics, history, ideas, and design. It demands an independent pursuit and generation of knowledge through the creative process with an emphasis on research. Students interested in preparing a thesis should contact the Department of Architecture for guidelines that outline the qualification procedure for thesis candidacy.