Here you will find information on student financial aid resources for students pursuing careers in the military and for veterans and their dependents.

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Yellow Ribbon Program

As a Yellow Ribbon School, LTU provides a 15% discount to all active duty military personnel and veterans (with a maximum annual contribution from LTU of $5,500 per person). This is in addition to any GI resources the individual may receive. More information about the Yellow Ribbon program is available here. 

Affordable Colleges Online: Higher Education Affordability for Veterans

Affordable Colleges: Veterans Education & Resources

Federal Benefits for Veterans

The Veterans Administration provides a wide range of benefits to veterans.
Click here for more information: Veteran Benefits

National Guard Benefits

Click here for information on benefits: Army National Guard

Air Force ROTC

Click here for information on benefits: Air Force ROTC

Michigan Veterans Trust Fund

Michigan Veterans Trust Fund can provide temporary assistance for emergencies or hardships for qualifying veterans and their families. To learn more about this program and eligibility requirements, visit Michigan Veterans Trust Fund.

Active duty military personnel and veterans are also welcome to explore our traditional financial aid options.