Master of Architecture

The field of architecture is constantly evolving, and architects with graduate degrees are in high demand. Our Master of Architecture (M.Arch) offers a competitive edge in the job market and provides the skills to navigate today’s technological work environments.

Our Master of Architecture (M.Arch) is a synchronous, online program focused on connectedness and community, and can be completed almost entirely online. And our online and campus offerings share the same graduate curriculum that combines theory and practice to support the development of each student.

As a nationally renowned program focused on teaching, our architecture department believes in student-centered learning. We keep our classes small and coursework challenging but manageable.

Earning your Master of Architecture from LTU is:

  • Convenient – study when and where you want; the program is almost 100% online
  • Elite – one of only four NAAB accredited online architecture degrees
  • Fast-paced – complete your degree in as few as 15 months
  • Collaborative – learn alongside professionals from some of the most respected firms in the region
  • Affordable – the most affordable NAAB accredited program offered online

We offer two ways to earn your Master of Architecture from LTU:

Master of Architecture 36 (M.Arch 36)

A 36 credit-hour online program for students who have earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from LTU or a comparable institution. This track is ideal for prospective architects who wish to continue their architectural studies and earn a master’s degree while continuing to work. This program consists of 36 credit hours, 32 of which can be taken online (one 4-credit summer course, the Critical Practice Studio, requires students to work on campus for one week).

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Master of Architecture 3+ (M.Arch 3+)

An extended online program for individuals with an undergraduate degree other than a Bachelor of Science in Architecture. This option specifically welcomes students who come to LTU with accomplishments and interests in other fields of inquiry with the expectation that such students will bring their interests and skills into the practice of architecture. Starting in the fall of 2018, students can complete the M. Arch 3+ track online.

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