Public Interest Design (PID) Certificate

A 100% Online Graduate Certificate

Public Interest Design (PID) at LTU is available online, as a graduate certificate. The certificate offers students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the built environment such that it might add value and focus to a major degree. The certificate curriculum advances socially responsible design ideas and skills. Coursework covers methods, theories, principles, practices, policies, and implementation strategies.

The program consists of three subject area components: an introduction to community development (theory focus); public interest design, design ethics, and adaptive reuse and rehab (practice focus); and urban studio (design strategies).

Graduate Certificate Curriculum [12 credit hours total]

Theory [2 credit hours]

ARC 5852 – Introduction to Community Development

Practice [6 credit hours]

ARC 5242 – Public Interest Design
ARC 6xx2 – Adaptive Reuse and Rehabilitation
ARC 6002 – Design Ethics

Design [4 credit hours]

URB 5714 or 5724 – Urban Studio