Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Cybersecurity

To create momentum for your career and become a contender for top management roles, you need an advanced knowledge base and authoritative credentials. An MBA delivers critical business and management skills that employers want most: communication, strategy, leadership, and managerial skills.

Our fully online MBA with concentration in Cybersecurity positions our graduates for growth opportunities at leading companies, non-profits, and government entities.

Demand for MBA talent remains high as companies worldwide seek to strategize and advance in evolving global markets. An MBA from Lawrence Tech provides you with the practical business knowledge to make critical decisions in real-world business situations.

Our programs are:

  • Convenient – Study when and where you want, it’s 100% Online.
  • Fast-paced – Earn your MBA in under 2 years.
  • Collaborative – Learn beside professionals from the largest companies in the region.
  • Relevant – Project management is one of the fastest growing professions.

Core Courses (27 credits):

ACC 6003 – Managerial Accounting

ECN 6023 – Global Business Economics

MBA 6003 – Financial Management

MBA 6033 – Corporate Finance

MBA 6043 – Global Leadership

MBA 6053 – Strategic Marketing Management

MBA 6063 – Operations and Supply Chain Management

INT 6043 – Enterprise Information Technology

MBA 6073 – Global Strategic Management (Capstone)

Concentration Courses (9 credit hours)

INT 6143 – Enterprise IT Infrastructure (required)

This course provides a process-oriented view of the development of an integrated technical architecture (hardware, software, data, networks and people) to serve organizational needs in a rapidly changing technological and competitive environment. Topics covered include architecture principles and frameworks, telecommunications and networking standards, approaches to scaling services, virtualization, redundancy, security, data center design, hosting and cloud services, demand forecasting, and emerging technologies and trends. It also covers server architectures, server farms, cluster computing, grid computing, storage area networks and network attached storage, data center design and implementation.

Choose two courses from the list below.

INT 7223 – Cybersecurity

This class will introduce students with an overview of information systems security. They will learn how to manage security, protect information technology assets, and guard against attacks and failures in various types of information systems. Upon successful completion of the class, the student will have a good foundation from which to further pursue the technical, human, physical, legal, and ethical aspects of the information security field.

INT 7233 – Advanced Network Security

Network Security course introduces the principles of computer and information security. Computers, mobile devices, and computer networks are increasingly being used for storing and retrieving information. Information is an important asset to anyone who is using technology on daily basis. Sensitive information being exchanged through networks or stored in the cloud raises a lot of concerns. Consequently, we need to have adequate security measures that can safeguard sensitive information and network. In this course, we will begin by investigating some of the security measures that can be employed to safeguard information. Cryptographic algorithms used to encrypt and decrypt the information going through the network. SSL protocol and how we can set it up for e-commerce websites. We will identify all the possible attacks and countermeasures on wired, wireless and cellular networks. Also, our goal is to analyze privacy and security issues in mobile devices and cellular networks on applications and network layer. During this course, we will focus on the information security for both operating systems, Windows and Linux. Hands-on experience as a network administrator on Windows and Linux machine will be our goal. Virtual machines is another topic that we will cover in this course.

INT 7263 – Threats, Vulnerabilities, Security Controls, and Countermeasures

This course requires students to develop, design, and test products/processes as part of a team. Professional skills/attributes such as oral and written communication, innovation, engineering standards, constraints, sustainability, and professional ethics are addressed. Student project teams work closely with a faculty advisor to meet project objectives