Program Curriculum

LTU’s Master of Information Technology graduate courses consist of 7 core courses (21 credit hours) and your choice of 3 electives (9 credit hours), totaling 30 credit hours, which can be completed online or on-campus. Below is a list of courses that make up the curriculum. A brief overview of each course can be found by clicking on individual course items. Students are expected to have foundation course work in statistical methods, programming, and management information systems.

Foundation Course Work (up to 10 credit hours)

MBA 5013 – Business Applications of Statistical Analysis

INT 5024 – Business Application Programming

INT 6043 – Enterprise Information Technology

Core Courses (21 credit hours)

MBA 7063 – Project Management

INT 6113 – Database Modeling and Administration

INT 6123 – Systems Analysis and Design

INT 6143 – Enterprise IT Infrastructure

INT 7213 – Business Analytics & Intelligence

INT 7223 – Enterprise Systems Security

INT 7593 – Information Technology Integration

Concentrations (9 credit hours)

You will complete a range of electives to earn your MSIT, while choosing one of the concentrations below.

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.

Project Management Concentration

MBA 6043 Global Leadership 3
INT 6253 Managing Outsourced Projects 3
INT 7563 Agile Project Management 3
MBA 7053 Managing a Global Workforce 3
MBA 7103 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management 3

Cybersecurity Concentration

INT 7233 Advanced Network Security 3
INT 7243 Disaster Recovery and Business Cont. 3
INT 7263 Threats, Vulnerabilities, Security Controls, and Countermeasures 3