Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Course Curriculum

Our Master of Business Administration consists of nine-course courses and your choice of three electives, totaling 36 credit hours, which can be completed entirely online. Below is a list of courses that make up the curriculum. Foundation courses may be required if you do not have significant working knowledge of business functions. A brief overview of each course can be found by clicking on individual course items.

Completion of the 36 credit MBA program requires:

  • 12 total courses consisting of 9 core courses, and 3 electives classes
  • 24 credit hours taken at Lawrence Technical University’s Graduate Program
  • Completion/waiver of all foundation courses
  • Minimum 3.0-grade point average (GPA) Overall
  • Completion of the above requirements within 7 years of program entry

Foundation Courses (0-15 credits, may be waived, based on undergraduate business coursework):

ACC 5003 – Financial Accounting and Financial Statements

MBA 5013 – Business Application of Statistical Analysis

ECN 5011T – Managerial Economics

MBA 5021T – Fundamentals of Macro Economics

MBA 5031T – Fundamentals of Marketing

MBA 5041T – Fundamentals of Management

MBA 5051T – Fundamentals of Finance

MBA 5061T – Legal Environment of Business

Please Note: All courses ending in 1T are 1.5 credit hour course

Core Courses (27 credits):

ACC 6003 – Managerial Accounting

ECN 6023 – Global Business Economics

MBA 6003 – Financial Management

MBA 6033 – Corporate Finance

MBA 6043 – Global Leadership

MBA 6053 – Strategic Marketing Management

MBA 6063 – Operations and Supply Chain Management

INT 6043 – Enterprise Information Technology

MBA 6073 – Global Strategic Management (Capstone)


You may complete a range of electives to earn your MBA or choose one of the concentrations below.

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.

Finance Concentration

MBA 7003 Investment Management 3
MBA 7013 Financial Markets and Institutions 3
MBA 7023 International Finance 3

Project Management Concentration

MBA 7063 Project Management 3
Plus any two of the following 
INT 6253 Managing Outsourced Projects 3
INT 7563 Agile Project Management 3
MBA 7033 Organization Development and Change Management 3
MBA 7053 Managing a Global Workforce 3
MBA 7103 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management 3
MBA 7173 Project Risk and Quality Management 3

Cybersecurity Concentration

INT 6143 Enterprise Network Infrastructure 3
Plus any two of the following 
INT 7223 Cybersecurity 3
INT 7233 Advanced Network Security 3
INT 7243 Disaster Recovery and Business Cont. 3
INT 7263 Threats, Vulnerabilities, Security Controls, and Countermeasures 3

Information Technology Concentration

INT 7063 Project Management 3
Plus any two of the following 
INT 6113 Database Modeling and Administration 3
INT 6123 Systems Analysis and Design 3
INT 7213 Business Analytics and Intelligence 3
Or any elective listed under Cybersecurity as long as you meet the prerequisite