Promising IT Careers: An Industry Primed for Growth

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook issued by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, information technology careers are expected to grow at a rate faster than the national average for occupations during the next six years.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most exciting, expanding career paths in information technology.

Security Specialist

One of the fastest growing and most secure IT careers involves developing strategies to thwart security breaches and data theft. Also referred to as ethical hackers, IT security specialists protect sensitive company data from access by competitors and organizations that enjoy disrupting corporate operations. Tom Silver of told Network World that “If you know how to keep your company’s data secure, you were in demand yesterday, are in demand today, and will be in demand tomorrow.” The Computing Technology Industry Association (TIA) has documented a seismic shift in IT careers towards security specialists, as a growing number of IT professionals seek ethical hacking certification.

Virtual Systems Manager

With the advent of cloud technology, storage systems that allow for the virtual storage of data, a new breed of systems manager is emerging. Virtual systems managers monitor, secure, and manage cloud data storage and build backup contingencies to protect data. The growth of cloud technology has far surpassed the supply of professionals who train to work in one of the fastest-growing careers in information technology.

PHP Developer

PHP language has emerged as the foundation for most contemporary web applications and as the fourth component of LAMP architecture, the language should remain one of the most important skills a web engineer possesses. As businesses continue to offer proprietary data online, the demand for PHP developers should steadily increase. According to a study conducted by Foote Partners, compensation for PHP developers has increased by over 40 percent since the beginning of 2013. IT professionals can learn PHP by working on personal or open source IT projects.

Wireless Network Manager

Wireless business networks have long supplanted wired networks as the preferred method for businesses to store and share information. However, many companies experience difficulties recruiting competent wireless network managers to maintain their networks. The rise of Wi-Fi networking creates a lucrative niche for professionals who understand how to protect sensitive information over a wireless network.

System Architect

CEO and Chief Research Officer for Foote Partners, David Foote says, “Nothing has been hotter than architecture jobs and skills in the last few years.” As perhaps the most promising of the careers in information technology, system architects design IT networks, provide data security solutions, and develop strategies for the efficient sharing of information. System architects should expect to gain several years of management experience working on IT teams before they assume responsibility for creating an organization’s IT network.

Lawrence Technology University

All of the most promising careers in IT require substantial on-the-job training and extensive work experience. In addition, IT professionals must acquire the knowledge needed to succeed in these demanding, high-profile IT careers. Lawrence Technological University offers an online Master of Science in Information Technology for those interested in pursuing leadership opportunities in the field.