Why Choose LTU for your Master of Urban Design?

As one of the largest and most affordable accredited architecture schools in the country, LTU is well known for its ability to incorporate “theory and practice” into each class. Our urban design program plays a critical role in fulfilling that mission of engaging students beyond the classroom. Our master’s degree is rigorous and challenging but graduates of our program report (in numbers well above national norms) that they arrive at the workplace feeling prepared to lead and set high standards for their work.

LTU’s global online platform is different:

It’s interactive. Learning online at LTU is NOT watching a series of PowerPoint videos. It’s reading case studies that are relevant to what you are learning, completing assignments that challenge you to understand each topic, and regularly interacting with your classmates to discuss and analyze teachings. Our faculty uses cutting edge technology to bring the classroom into your living room and use adult education techniques to make courses engaging and relevant.

It includes “real-time” critiques. The heart of urban design is to inspire growth in others and in yourself as a designer and planner to advance the common good. Growth only happens with direct feedback that challenges you to be better. Our unique global classrooms create that opportunity. Your fellow students and faculty will provide feedback, and you will witness your evolution throughout the program.

It’s intimate. Some of our peers at nationally ranked state and private universities have hundreds of people in a single course, and this does not allow you to talk with fellow students or engage with your professor. At LTU, we limit classes to 20 students.

It’s engaging. We also make sure you can engage with your professor. At LTU, we have online “office hours,” where you can talk with your professor when you have challenges or problems. If office hours don’t work – you can email and expect to get a quick response. Our professors are prepared to help you dramatically expand your knowledge, whether you are in their classroom or your home. We are here to support you each step of the way.