Online Master of Engineering Management

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Engineering Management Graduate Course Curriculum

The online Master of Engineering Management consists of seven required courses and five electives, totaling 36 credit-hours. Below is a list of courses that make up the curriculum. A brief overview of each course can be found online by clicking on individual course items.

Core Courses – 7 Courses, 21 Credit Hours
EEM 6583 – Enterprise Productivity
EIE 6673 – Six Sigma Processes
EME 6713 – Production Planning & Control
EEM 6753 – Engineering Supply Chain Management
EME 6763 – Quality Engineering Systems
EME 6803 – Engineering Management
EEM 7613 – Technology Management


Elective Courses – 5 Courses, 15 Credit Hours
EMS 6403 – Quality Control
EME 6603 – Engineering Economics
EIE 6663 – Applied Stochastic Processes
MBA 7056 – Project Management
MBA 6043 – Global Leadership
INT 6043 – Enterprise Information Technology


Upon approval of the Program Director, students may take electives courses (6XXX) from Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Applied Science or other disciplines at LTU.