M.Arch Track III Program Curriculum

The M.Arch Track III is intended for students who hold an undergraduate degree in a field other than architecture. This option specifically welcomes students who come to LTU with accomplishments and interests in other fields of inquiry with the expectation that such students will bring their interests and skills into the practice of architecture.

If you already hold a Bachelor of Science in Architecture or a Bachelor of Architecture from LTU or another accredited institution, you may qualify for our M.Arch Track II program.

Design Studios – 30 credits

ARC 5014 Arch Foundational Studio 1
ARC 5024 Arch Foundational Studio 2
ARC 5034 Arch Foundational Studio 3
ARC 5126 Comprehensive Design Studio
ARC 5804 Critical Practice Studio
ARC 5814 Adv Design Studio 1
ARC 5824 Adv Design Studio 2

History/Theory/Social Courses – 15 credits

ARC 3613 History of Designed Envir 1
ARC 3623 History of Designed Envir 2
ARC 4183 Twentieth Century Arch
ARC 5643 Design Theory
ARC 5423 Ecological Issues

Technical Courses – 21 credits

ARC 2513 Basic Structures *
ARC 3513 Intermediate Structures *
ARC 4543 Advanced Structures *
ARC 2313 Construction Systems 1
ARC 2323 Construction Systems 2
ARC 4443 Acoustics, Elec & Illum *
ARC 3423 HVAC and Water Systems *

Professional Courses – 15 credits

ARC 2813 Vis Comm 3
ARC 3823 Vis Comm 4
ARC 5013 Research Methods
ARC 5913 Professional Practice
ARC6833 Practice Portfolio

Elective Courses – 9 credits

Students will choose from an extensive list of elective course options.


* Course requires content of college Physics and Pre-calculus