Program Curriculum

Your program requires 30 – 33 credit hours, depending on the option you choose:

Thesis OptionCredits
Courses – 8 classes24
Thesis (ECE 6073 Thesis 1 and ECE 6083 Thesis 2)06
Total Credit Hours30
Coursework-Only Option
Courses – 11 classes33
Total Credit Hours33

The online Master of Science in Civil Engineering currently focuses on the Structural Engineering discipline. Courses include the following:

ECE5113              Sustainable Construction Practices

ECE5413              Shallow and Deep Foundation Design

ECE5703              Design of Timber Structures

ECE5713              Analysis and Design of Prestressed Concrete

ECE5723              Advanced Analysis and Design of Structures

ECE5733              Structural Masonry Design

ECE5753              Advanced Concrete Design

ECE5763              Advanced Composite Materials and Their Uses in Structures

ECE5773              Advanced Steel Design

ECE5783              Bridge Design I

ECE5793              Special Topics in Structural Engineering

ECE6733              Finite Element Analysis for Structural Engineering

ECE6743              Structural Dynamics