Master of Urban Design

Our Master of Urban Design can prepare you to address the challenges posed by an increasingly complex urban environment. It emphasizes “creative urban problem solving,” an essential aspect of holistic, practical, and socially responsible approaches to creating healthy and sustainable urban environments. As a student, you will join others from around the world to learn from our highly respected faculty who hold substantial urban design credentials and extensive professional international and local connections. Upon graduation, you will be positioned to address challenges and opportunities facing 21st-century cities.

At LTU’s College of Architecture and Design, our global campus takes the same cutting-edge content, from the same leading professors, with the same spirit of applying theory in practice as we do in our campus classrooms. The only difference is where you learn – which is completely up to you.

The program allows you can choose a completion pathway that makes it easier to start and complete the degree at your convenience. We welcome students with diverse undergraduate degrees and backgrounds; our program features a pedagogical and research emphasis that builds upon the university’s commitment to its urban and suburban context. The MoUD is designed to develop a body of knowledge, skills, and experience in urban design. A focus on healthy, smart, and sustainable urbanism—a balanced and holistic systems approach to design and policy initiatives that address the complex environmental, economic, social, and political forces that affect cities in local, regional, national, and global contexts.