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A 100% Online Graduate Certificate

The certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offers students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the built environment such that it might add value and focus to a major degree as well as enrich an LTU education in general. The certificate curriculum advances visualization, mapping, spatial analysis, thematic diagrams, and other urban design-supportive GIS-based techniques and skills. Coursework covers methods, theories, principles, practices, and application of GIS in urban design.

The program consists of three subject area components: Quantitative methods in urban design and Visual Communication 3 (theory focus); advanced GIS, urban design methods, and Visual Communication 4 (practice focus); and GIS practicum (application).

Program Curriculum [15 credit hours total]

Theory [5 credit hours]

URB 5752 – Quantitative Methods in Urban Design

ARC 5xx3 – Visual Communication 3

Practice [8 credit hours]

ARC 6xx3 – Advanced GIS

URB 5742 – Urban Design Models

ARC 5xx3 – Visual Communication 4

Application [2 credit hours]

ARC 5672 – GIS Practicum