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LTU College of Management Name Change

Lawrence Technological University’s College of Management will be renamed the College of Business and Information Technology, effective July 1, 2018. Bahman Mirshab, dean of the college, said the new name better reflects the range and scope of LTU’s programs and the unique strengths of being part of a technological university. “Our new name takes in to [...]

Computer Science vs. IT: What’s the Difference?

To most who’ve spent some time working within the technology and computing field, the difference between computer science (CS) and IT might be well-explored territory. However, for someone who’s either just beginning their career in information systems or might be looking to pivot into the industry may still be a bit confused as to which [...]

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How to Become a Network Administrator

As new technologies continue to advance by leaps and bounds with each coming year, expert professionals that can help organizations make use of the best solutions to suit their needs are expected to remain in steady, high demand. Particularly with the advent of cloud computing, a sophisticated understanding of data networking has never been more [...]

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Edtech Jobs: Training and Development Manager Career Breakdown

The recruitment, development, and retention of high performing employees defines what makes most business organizations profitable. Employee development not only involves the training of new employees, but also the training of seasoned veterans who want to acquire additional job skills to earn more money and enjoy work that is more challenging. To train and develop [...]

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Promising IT Careers: An Industry Primed for Growth

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook issued by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, information technology careers are expected to grow at a rate faster than the national average for occupations during the next six years. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most exciting, expanding career paths in information technology. Security Specialist One [...]

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Trends in Instructional Technology

Developments in instructional technology incorporate technology-based methods designed to enhance the student learning process. Instructional technology applies proven learning technologies to systems traditionally delivered via handbook, textbook, training seminar, or lecture. Trainers and educators alike utilize instructional technology to assess student personality traits, as well as develop project teams and efficiently deliver informative content. After [...]

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Trends in EdTech: Instructional Apps

With access to technology and to digital learning resources increasing exponentially over the past decade, the focus and ambitions of educational technology advocates have shifted and broadened in proportion. First, it was about convincing school districts to invest in the right equipment. Then it became about finding ways of using existing skills (writing, visual, memory, [...]

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