LTU College of Management Name Change

Lawrence Technological University’s College of Management will be renamed the College of Business and Information Technology, effective July 1, 2018. Bahman Mirshab, dean of the college, said the new name better reflects the range and scope of LTU’s programs and the unique strengths of being part of a technological university. “Our new name takes in to [...]

Tips for Preparing Your Resume for MBA Application

Being considered for an MBA program isn’t an entirely dissimilar process from the everyday job interview. In fact, the admissions committee is likely looking for some of the same qualities in prospective students as an employer might be in their job candidates: Dedication, experience (both academic and professional), work ethic, and evidence that the person [...]

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How to Choose an MBA Program

If you’re a business professional looking to move into a leadership role, earning your MBA is an excellent way to build a competitive advantage and develop your management skills. However, with so many programs available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the one that suits your needs. For those who are just beginning their [...]

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What Skills are Needed for Business Management?

The modern business world is an incredibly complex space. Advances in technology have nearly rendered international boundaries and geographical distance irrelevant in terms of commerce, paving the way for a global, interconnected economy and expansion into international markets. Companies can now interact with customers in more ways than ever before through social media and other [...]

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MBA ROI: What Can an MBA Do For You?

When it comes to graduate degrees that offer opportunities for professional advancement and increased earning potential, the Master of Business Administration has always stood at the forefront of the corporate world. Sometimes even standing as a requirement of business leadership positions, earning an MBA provides business grads with an opportunity to complete specialized management coursework [...]

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Computer Science vs. IT: What’s the Difference?

To most who’ve spent some time working within the technology and computing field, the difference between computer science (CS) and IT might be well-explored territory. However, for someone who’s either just beginning their career in information systems or might be looking to pivot into the industry may still be a bit confused as to which [...]

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How to Become a Network Administrator

As new technologies continue to advance by leaps and bounds with each coming year, expert professionals that can help organizations make use of the best solutions to suit their needs are expected to remain in steady, high demand. Particularly with the advent of cloud computing, a sophisticated understanding of data networking has never been more [...]

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Is an Online MBA Worth It?

As individuals consider returning to school for their MBA and begin locating potential programs, they may ask themselves if an online MBA is worth it. Online MBA vs. Traditional MBA There are many differences to note when considering an online MBA vs. traditional MBA. The following are some of the major distinguishing features: Program Delivery [...]

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LTU Receives $150,000 for Education in Entrepreneurship

The Chicago-based Coleman Foundation has granted $150,000 in funding to Lawrence Technological University to bolster and expand existing entrepreneurship education programs! The fund will be offered to LTU over the course of a two year period, and will help extend our entrepreneurial education initiatives to more of our students in the Colleges of Arts and [...]

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Business Career Advancement Essentials

Most business professionals, aside from working toward their company’s mission and goals, are ultimately concerned with progressing their careers into executive levels of leadership. While there is no definite blueprint for success, there are a essential steps to business career advancement you can take to ensure that you make it to the top of the [...]

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