Architecture and Design

Architecture and Design

What Can You Do With an Architecture Degree?

The answer to the question “What can I do with an architecture degree” might not be as obvious as you think. Yes, you can indeed go on to pursue a career designing houses and buildings, but there’s some surprising ways that the skills developed during architecture education can be employed. Architects, upon completing an advanced [...]

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How to Become a Licensed Architect

How to Become a Licensed Architect The practice of architecture in the United States is controlled by the individual states and territories, known as “jurisdictions.”  This control typically extends to the use of the term, “architect” by any individual and often to the use of the term “architecture.”   The individual jurisdictions have the authority to [...]

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LTU Receives $150,000 for Education in Entrepreneurship

The Chicago-based Coleman Foundation has granted $150,000 in funding to Lawrence Technological University to bolster and expand existing entrepreneurship education programs! The fund will be offered to LTU over the course of a two year period, and will help extend our entrepreneurial education initiatives to more of our students in the Colleges of Arts and [...]

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Top Career Benefits of an Online Master of Architecture

Architects impressively shape the skylines of cities with their creative designs. While many of them begin working after completion of a bachelor’s program, pursuing a master’s degree gives architects a real edge over the competition when it comes to job seeking. Choosing an online master of architecture program allows students the ability to not only [...]

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LTU Explores: Trends in Office Architecture

What is the key to remaining competitive in a recessed economic climate? Business operators understand that maximizing employee productivity significantly contributes to maintaining healthy balance sheets. However, what causes employees to boost productivity? As it turns out, the design and layout of the office space itself might have a larger impact on overall employee happiness [...]

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