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The New “Golden Age” of American Manufacturing Careers

Assembly Magazine recently released its 2014 State of the Profession report, which examines the current trends in U.S. assembly-line manufacturing and the sentiments of industry leaders regarding future growth prospects. While news from this sector may have been a bit grim as recently as a few years ago, the report had nothing but good news [...]

How to Become a Licensed Architect

How to Become a Licensed Architect The practice of architecture in the United States is controlled by the individual states and territories, known as “jurisdictions.”  This control typically extends to the use of the term, “architect” by any individual and often to the use of the term “architecture.”   The individual jurisdictions have the authority to [...]

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Is an Online MBA Worth It?

As individuals consider returning to school for their MBA and begin locating potential programs, they may ask themselves if an online MBA is worth it. Online MBA vs. Traditional MBA There are many differences to note when considering an online MBA vs. traditional MBA. The following are some of the major distinguishing features: Program Delivery [...]

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LTU Receives $150,000 for Education in Entrepreneurship

The Chicago-based Coleman Foundation has granted $150,000 in funding to Lawrence Technological University to bolster and expand existing entrepreneurship education programs! The fund will be offered to LTU over the course of a two year period, and will help extend our entrepreneurial education initiatives to more of our students in the Colleges of Arts and [...]

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How a Master’s in Engineering Builds Real-World Industry Leaders

Where human resources are concerned, employers expect efficiency, productivity, and value—just about the same things, in fact, that they would expect from any other resource in which they invest. While assessing an employee’s value isn’t nearly as straightforward as, say, determining the value of a piece of equipment, there are a few traits that can [...]

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Business Career Advancement Essentials

Most business professionals, aside from working toward their company’s mission and goals, are ultimately concerned with progressing their careers into executive levels of leadership. While there is no definite blueprint for success, there are a essential steps to business career advancement you can take to ensure that you make it to the top of the [...]

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Edtech Jobs: Training and Development Manager Career Breakdown

The recruitment, development, and retention of high performing employees defines what makes most business organizations profitable. Employee development not only involves the training of new employees, but also the training of seasoned veterans who want to acquire additional job skills to earn more money and enjoy work that is more challenging. To train and develop [...]

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Promising IT Careers: An Industry Primed for Growth

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook issued by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, information technology careers are expected to grow at a rate faster than the national average for occupations during the next six years. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most exciting, expanding career paths in information technology. Security Specialist One [...]

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What Pursuing an Online MBA Can Do for Your Career

An article published by Bloomberg on July 23, 2013 highlighted the reasons why the tight job market is here to stay, delivering some intriguing findings regarding the current state of employment in the U.S. For example, older Americans hold on to their jobs longer than previous generations held on to their jobs, mostly because retirement [...]

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Top Career Benefits of an Online Master of Architecture

Architects impressively shape the skylines of cities with their creative designs. While many of them begin working after completion of a bachelor’s program, pursuing a master’s degree gives architects a real edge over the competition when it comes to job seeking. Choosing an online master of architecture program allows students the ability to not only [...]

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